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How are you all doing? Good, I hope! In Sweden we celebrate on the 24th of December, instead of the 25th which is when they normally celebrate in the U.S. I had a really nice Christmas Eve. Our family got together at my big brother's house where we had typical traditions such as Christmas dinner and gift exchanging. 

       I worked really hard with the gifts for my parents this year, and they seemed to like them very much! Mom got a pair of on-ear headphones and a fashionable jacket, and my dad got a beard styling kit and a gift-card at Dressman. I just thought I'd let you know in case any of you want some inspiration for gifts whenever you need some!

As for gifts I received, I did not wish for much this year. But I still got a few little bits and bobs that I am very much grateful for! One of the things that I actually wished for was this microphone (Picture to the left). With this I will have better sound quality for my gaming channel on YouTube, and also for any videos that need voiceover on my main channel.

       Otherwise I received some tea, chocolate and a blanket with sleeves on it, you know, that thing called a 'Snug-Rug'? Haha! It's actually very comfy and I have been lying wrapped around in it all day, watching Christmas films on my laptop. The latest one I watched was The Muppets: A Christmas Carol.

I must say though, I did have a little bit of misfortune yesterday. My new dress from Liz Lisa had its zipper separated over and over again, and it would only barely let me pull it back! As I tried, clumsy me managed to hurt myself on both hands badly. The rest of the day consisted of dropping anything I got my hands on to the floor, even my foundation that splattered all over my clothes! Can you believe it?! Maybe Christmas Eve is my Friday the 13th


Still I managed to dress up quite nicely in some of my other clothes. The blouse, shorts and shoes were also all from Liz Lisa. (Maybe own a little bit too much from the same brand, haha!) But hey, it is my favorite brand after all!

       I am a little bit bummed that I did not have a better camera with me, so that I could have taken better quality pictures. But do not worry! One I go home after New Year's, I will also be home with my precious camera. Exciting!

How is/was your Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Until next time!

I have always been terrible at titles and beginning blog posts, so, um.. 
Hello? Does anyone remember me these days? I am the Swedish girl who used to blog about Gyaru style and make-up. Somehow I ended up putting my blog on hold. If you are new here and do not know who I am, I suggest you read the "About" section, it can also be found in the menu at the top of the page!

       So, what happened? Life, mostly. Time ran out, simply put. I graduated secondary school, and got in to a technical university. A relationship with my past partner ended. I ended up being too stressed out by that university and eventually hit the wall. I went for a short vacation trip to London and back, now I study English grammar and culture on a different university.

       But the English course is different, more structured, and I believe I have more time on my hands now. (I have also learnt a thing or two about writing. While not yet perfect, it has still improved!) That is why I want to try to bring back life in my blog again. It has always been a way for me to have my very own little space of sorts, where I, myself, control what exists and what does not. Where I have freedom to my creativity.

       I cannot promise you that the content will be brought to you on a regular schedule. This blog is simply a free time interest of mine and not an obligation, nor a job. But I will do my best to bring quality into my writing, my photography and over-all authorship of this blog. Hopefully some of you will visit this place every now and then, and take part of the joy that is blogging. The main theme of this blog will, just as before, be about my sense of fashion and style, make-up and all sorts of fun things. There will eventually be reviews, monthly favourites, DIY's and tutorials. As well as some of my odd, personal rambling about my life, if you'd put up with it, that is. Haha!

       So I welcome you, dear readers, in my little blogging space. I will do my very best to fill it with creativity and inspiration, sharing my thoughts and opinions with you. If you have any questions or thoughts, don't be afraid to leave a few words in the comments.

Until next time! x
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