27 January 2014

Koala Days

I felt like the worst today, and I've been working very hard, including last weekend when I went to Stockholm to help out at the Kerbera concert. 

But when I came home today I got surprised as someone sent me this big, red rose and a little note, trying to remind me of how much I mean to everyone who cares about me and that I should stay strong and keep fighting through all the stress and my troubles. 

I actually got so happy I cried a little bit.  Ahaha! It was a friend of a friend who sent me this. I'm so grateful to get to be surrounded by these amazing people.  I'm going to try and save this rose and maybe dry it out so I can hang it up. 

These days I'm kind of a little lazy bum and I try to sleep as much as I can, therefore I don't wear much make-up or fancy clothes.  Today I wore this, but I didn't take any pictures so please have this doodle instead.

I'm planning to write a little bit more about the concert and also post a review on some false lashes that's coming up as soon as I have time to take some pictures. I saw some interest for it on my instagram so I thought it'd be useful! Stay tuned, dearies. 


  1. Aww so precious to have such friends!

  2. Roses are the best. I received my frist rose (in my life) last weekend and I was extremely happy. :3

  3. I freaking love the doodles you do for your blog now <3
    And the person who sent you this rose is right.... don't give up but cheer up instead.
    Time to rearrange the crown, clean the dress and then walk on, pretty princess. <3